Friday, May 08, 2009


I have decided to give this photo a day idea a go. And seeing as I've not been using my blog for much else, I thought I would post them here!

So here goes:

May 2nd 2009. An early Mother's Day present, today we bought this Tefal Actifry. It cooks 1kg of yummy crispy chips in only a TBS of oil. Cool huh?

May 3rd. Mum and Dad offered to keep our kids company (they're too big for babysitting now), so that Yogi and I could go out to celebrate our 16th anniversary. Our anniversary is on 8/5/09, but Yogi was flying out that we celebrated a little early.

5/5/09. I forgot to take a photo on the 4th May. Was kinda busy that day running between the school, the doctors, the radiographers and the hospital - Bonnie broke her ankle that day (well we think she did, and we've had to treat it as a break for a week). Phew. What a day!

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