Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Green and I'm Grumpy!

I'm Green and I'm Grumpy is the title of an Alison Lester book that my kids used to love. We've kind of adopted it into our lingo now, and whenever we are grumpy, that's our phrase. So today I'm green and I'm grumpy. Why? Red bloody beaurocratic tape, that's why. I have been excitedly waiting for my teacher's registration to be formalised....although I knew it was too soon to be getting excited, because these things - well we all know they take time. BUT I don't like to wait. So I have been doing stupid things like searching my name on the TRB website to see if I am listed as a registered teacher yet....I know - dumb, but hey. Well today my application arrived back in the post. INCOMPLETE. I spent HOURS, and made phone calls, waited for mail to arrive from Vic, got 15000 documents copied and witnessed before I sent it off. And guess why it's been labelled incomplete? Because I only have a copy of my birth EXTRACT not my CERTIFICATE. For crying out loud. If I was going to fake my age, I would have gone for 21, not 36! I have lived my whole life without this piece of paper. I have been enrolled in heaps of different schools, I've been to uni, I've had police checks, I was even registered to teach 15 odd years ago without it. WHY OH WHY do I need it now? Surely the fact that I am alive and hold a drivers license and medicare card, and have been married is proof enough that I exist? So now I have had to apply for the birth certificate, will have to wait for it to arrive from Darwin ($12.30 to post it mind you - are they driving it down themselves?), then copy it, get it certified and post the application again. I wonder how long it will take......grrrrrrrrr.

See - I don't update my blog for ages, then you come to visit and all you get is a rant. Sorry.

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Jen H said...

Oh what an absolute POOH!!!!! I dont blame you for beng Green and Grumpy!!
Hope it arrives poste haste!!
Jen H