Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just time for a quick post before I drop the kids off to drama....9am start on a SUNDAY????? LOL.
I finished up at school on Friday (well my last day was Thursday, but then we had the staff lunch). We had Kris Kringle with the staff at school and it was GREAT fun! Also, one side benefit of being on a school staff was the choccies - it seems everyone attached a choccie to each Xmas card, so they soon accumulated!
I will miss being part of the staff, I really did enjoy that, but hopefully I will catch up with some of them next year as a relieving teacher. RIght now I am just looking forward to a few weeks at home.....

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Jen H said...

Enjoy your "free" time - ha ha - still it will be great for you to not have to get ready for school and rush out the door every morning for a while - we still have all this week at school in Vic. So ANYWAY - I expect you to update your blog DAILY now lolololololololololol!! OUCH - I cracked my rib from laughing so hard!
Jen H