Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday at home

Hi Janine, and Jen, and everyone else! Thanks for your's nice to *see* you again.

I have been so flat out busy of late that I didn't even have ONE single day at home to myself during the holidays. So this weekend I decided to stay home and just veg...well after netball, and a quick visit to the Church craft fair (not as exciting as I had expected), and a little bit of shopping....I did have a quiet late afternoon/evening at home!! Am aiming for a quiet day today, except for the grocery shopping, which is the single thing I find hardest to fit in since I started working. Stupid really, when Woolies is literally 5 minutes up the road!

I have been drooling over the new ipods for ages (ever since they came out actually - which on reflection isn't really ages!), but hadn't dared to even hold one...but then Judy came to visit and brought her purple one, and I held it, and that was it, I decided I NEEDED one. Had to get Yogi to agree though - it's an unspoken rule we yesterday, at the shops, with much encouragement from Kirsty (and sms agreement from Yogi), I finally summoned up the courage to spend that much money on myself, just because I WANTED to!!! (It felt deliciously naughty!!). So now I am the proud owner of an ORANGE ipod! I may even come out for a moment to say hi to my family if they are lucky. It has games on it, and I spent yesterday afternoon putting lots of music on it. Way cool.

Anyway, I'm off to make a shopping list!
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Woohoo, I wanna see a pic of Soovee with her orange ipod!!!!!

Hope you had a nice relaxing day yesterday!!! (after the Grocery shopping which always gets put off as long as possible here too!!!)!!! lol

Jen H
(who is VERY impressed that you updated twice in such a short time!!!) lol

Anonymous said...

So glad you got a new ipod, now can you buy one for me too? I have been looking but thats all I have done is look. I do still love my little shuffle!