Monday, October 27, 2008

Jupiter Bars and other things

Hi all -
Some of you may remember my never-ending search for the elusive Jupiter Bar?? When I was a little girl (a hundred million years ago in another lifetime), we used to occasionally get a Jupiter Caramel Bar - caramelly peanuty yuminess in a bar. Well for over TEN years I have been looking unsuccessfully for a Jupiter Bar. A couple of weeks ago, my lil sister rang me to say that she had stumbled across them in a lolly shop and bought me - one. (ONE - after TEN years????!!!!) LOL (how mean does that make me sound? Seriously Judy, thanks for thinking of me at all!). Anyway I got on the internet again and found them online, sent in an order and got me some to share with my kids. Ten years of searching and the little buggers didn't even like them that much - oh well all the more for me! Anyhoo, on with the story....was in Woolies on Saturday and Bonnie says to me "Mum they have those Jupiter Bars here." AND THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In WOOLIES!!!!!
My prayers have finally been answered!!! It really doesn't take much to keep me happy.

Spent part of the weekend playing with Orange Jelly. Made some new stamps that I just LOVE - will put them up on the site soon, but I want to have a play first. I do love that part of the business. Also got myself a bit more organised, and made some stamps for customers.

In a bid to get organised, I went down to Officeworks, and then, while we were in the area, checked out the new Dick Smith Powerhouse (the first powerhouse store in SA would you believe?). Anyway, it was (of course) great, full of lovely gadgets, most of which I had to leave on the shelf, but I couldn't resist a 1G flash drive in the shape of an orange kombi!!! WITH WHEELS THAT MOVE! Spotted once again by the eagle-eyed Bonnie, I just HAD to have it!

Anyway, today was back to school and back to the GGRRRRRRS that seem to go with it. Am thinking about renewing my teacher's registration, but not sure if I can "do it" anymore, after so long......

That's about it for today!
Keep smiling,


Mette Thomas said...

Well hello there, whats goign on here im commenting ona blog and your bloging almost regularly woohoo.

Well i think im off to check out jupiter bars at safeway LOL any excuse for more crap to eat. My childhood memory is chomp bars yumm lucky they still have them around so i can indulge anytime.

How long since you taugth Sue maybe you can go back to uni and refreash just like me LOL

Mette x

Jen H said...

So you were a teacher in a previous life time - wow - I either didnt know that or forgot! What would you have to do to re-register?
lol re the Jupiter bars - re Jude getting only one, to you ordering them and the kids not liking them and THEN Bonnie finding them only a few metres away from your house!!!!!!! And WOW a Kombi flash drive -IN ORANGE - somebody up there loves you Soovee!!
Jen H

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad when we go on the hunt for lollies! But I have so been there. The only thing for me is my favourite chocolate is from the states but lucky for me BigW decided to get them in. I still only eat a few at a time so that I can enjoy every second of them.
Trust you and the orange Kombi.