Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello - is anybody out there?

Hi everyone,
it's been a while, huh?
Life has very much settled down here in SA. The whole cancer thing is behind us and everything is getting back to normal. Except what is normal? We've just had two weeks holidays - complete with interstate visitors and my little brother's wedding! Normal - yeah right!

I am working 19 hours a week at the local primary school as an SSO, and for the most part, enjoying it - although there are what I call "brick wall days". Also been busy with Orange Jelly Stamps (OK shameless plug, designing stamps, and trying to work out how to edit html has that been a learning curve. I keep coming up with ideas, but am having trouble finding time to act on will happen, eventually.

So I am keeping pretty busy. Not much time to scrap, sadly, and i haven't really found a great scrapping scene here in SA - if there is one, they are keeping it under wraps. That reminds me, I must ring Ceri soon and see if she wants to come and play! (If you are reading this Ceri - you know my no! LOL).

Special good wishes and congratulations go to my cousin Leonie, and her partner Steve and her I think Greg???? on the birth of their new baby son and brother Eammon James....wishing you all the joy in the world!

Keep smiling,


Anonymous said...

Finally something new to read:) Just glad really to hear that life is good and that you're just too busy really.

Jen H said...

Yeh I am out here and check your blog quite often! I was VERY excited to see an update today! So glad to hear the cancer thing has been dealt with. You must be so relieved!
Oh I know what you mean about brick wall days - had one today with 2 kids at Kinder!!!!!
I wish Sarah had more time/energy etc to scrap seeing she lives so close to you ..... maybe one day ...
Jen H