Monday, August 11, 2008


By Cathy! Hello!!!!!

And away we go.....

Ten years ago:
August 1998 - Hmm...happily married mother of THREE - Eriq had turned one and I had just finished a term as teacher/librarian at Hampton Park Primary School, and was settling back into normal life, still doing some emergency teaching work. Nic was at kinder, Kirsty was three, and Bonnie wasn't even a sparkle in her father's eye!!!

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List:

1. work

2. post parcels

3. finish Brett's birthday present

4. make some stamps

5. washing
Snacks I Enjoy: I'm in a cheese and crackers kind of a mood at the moment.
Things I Would Do If I Was a Millionaire:

Buy Fritz a kombi companion - maybe a camper named Mabel.....of course she would be orange.

Fix Mabel up.

Go for a trip in Mabel!

Extend my house (the hell with it!) knock my house down and build a new one! A BIG one....6 bedrooms oughta do it!

Places (or areas) I Have Lived:Darwin (not sure it counts as I don't remember it); Glenelg; Penola; Mt Gambier; North Rocks; Millicent; Ballarat; Hampton Park; Caldermeade; Para Hills.

4 People I am Tagging: (who hopefully haven’t already been tagged)

Hmmmmm I suspect I am out of options.....
nope found one! ELISA, you're up!!!!
(can you do it four times, so I have covered my four people????)
no? I guess I will have to make do with one then!!!!

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