Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time Out

Wow! It's Thursday tomorrow, and that means that it's Friday after that, and I am escaping!
I am so looking forward to a weekend away, scrapping! I just want to leave everything behind - 2008 so far has been rather unkind to me (and then also not so much...but however you look at it, it's not been easy), and I need some time to just be. To relax completely for the first time since Yogi's diagnosis in January. I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. Of course, that means I need to spend tomorrow packing(!!) what to bring, what not to bring...LOL. Ultimately it won't matter. I won't care if I don't get a single page done (well maybe I would care if I didn't get even ONE done!), this weekend is about taking time out and being with friends and just relaxing. yay for scrapbook retreats! Look out Vic, here I come!!!
keep smiling,


Janine said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow afternoon:)

jen said...

Have agreat time Soovee - you deserve this time-out!!
Jen H

Jude said...

see you for lunch tomorrow big sis! lookin forward to it!