Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home Alone

Well. It's week one of the school holidays here in SA.
And I am a single mother of four.
Yogi, having already spent just over a week "up north" for work, came home for the weekend just gone and is now, you guessed it "up north" again! LOL. So the kids and I are on our own. Doin' OK...getting by! LOL. During the day I don't notice he's not here - I mean he is usually at work. But here I am at 1.46am still awake and on the computer updating my much neglected blog...the big empty bed is looming though, and I am heading off there soon.

We went to Ikea today. I am sure heaven will be a big IKEA store. I could LIVE in IKEA. We were checking out stuff for the boys room today - not buying yet (we have another surgery to get through before we do that! LOL), but sort of scoping it out! AN update in the boys room is long overdue - my two young men have outgrown their little boy furniture and curtains, so it's time for something modern and funky. They are going to get loft beds, so that they can better use the (limited) space in their room. And today they got excited about the possibilities! Can't wait til we can do something about it! While we were there we accidentally bought a drawer insert and a cupboard insert for the expedit unit in the kitchen. I wanted to get these when we bought the unit, but they were sold out at the time. Of course, being me, I couldn't even consider waiting until Yogi gets home, so Nic and I constructed them today. Tomorrow I just need to brave the redback infested shed to get hold of the cordless drill to secure them in place. They look great though!
Keep smiling,
(PS it's less than three weeks until the SCRAPANALIA retreat!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!)


Jodii said...

does that mean you are coming over for the retreat Soovee, if so it will be great to see you

Jen H said...

Yeyyyyyyy, great to see an update! Sounds like Yogi is doing well!! Hard going to be without him 2 full weeks in a row! Hugs
Ikea is one of my fave places too! I need some cube thingy's for my expedit too (Hadjeby's actually but virtually the same). Me thinks you should send Nicholaas into the shed!!!!! lol
Jen H

Elisa said...

Glad everything has settled down for you, apart from Yogi being away at work.

Send one of the boys into the scary shed.....and do we get photos of the thingy you put together?????

soovee said...

Hey everyone!
Yes Jodii, will be there with BELLS on! See you soon! I sent the boys to the shed, but they couldn't operate the tricky handle on the tool cupboard, so I had to go myself, and finished the job off! Will get organised and take a pic....

Cathy C said...

OOOHHHHH...can't wait to see you at the retreat Sue...only 4 more sleeps!