Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have been tagged

Probably a while ago actually, haven't been near my blog in Cathy. *waving* SOrry - not technically minded and can't figure out how to make my link pretty like yours was....I SHOULD be able to just make you click on the Cathy bit.....hmmmmm (by the way - love your new header on your blog! Great pic!)
anyway, never mind, here we go:

Here are the rules:
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OK - here are my seven random facts about ME . . .

1. I am scared of heights. REALLY SCARED. I can't even stand to see my hubby or kids near the edge of a cliff. I literally can't look. Ditto with jetties/bridges.
2. I used to play the trumpet, the recorder, and the trombone. Tried to learn guitar on three seperate occasions, but just couldn't do it. Would love to try again one day.
3. I was once in a netball team that wore ORANGE netball skirts (in North Rocks, NSW). Cross my heart and hope to die.
4. I had a pet axoltyl (mexcian walking fish) called Tchaikovsky for 10.5 yrs
5. I can't curl my tongue
6. Probably my most prized possession is my Gran's cuckoo clock. I have many memories of sitting under it as a little girl waiting for Peter to pop out and say cuckoo. Currently Peter doesn't pop out (since my dh dropped the clock ??!!!!!!), but he still cuckoos.
7. I wish my house was bigger. I really do. I love my house, I love where it is, but I would sell my left arm for one. more. room.

OK I think I have run out of people to tag, but still that was fun!
keep smiling,


PianoWizardQueen said...

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PianoWizardQueen said...

Hey, that didnt turn out right. I was supposed to say Guitar Wizard
instead of Piano Wizard. Sowee, I guess I'm only human. =)

Cathy said...


I'm scared of heights too!!! I remember trying to climb a fire lookout near Sale with an old boyfriend and got to the first landing and had to go back down! Some impression that made! :-)