Wednesday, February 06, 2008

we're off and running

Yogi is at the hospital as we speak, on a diet of lemon cordial and frothy revolting stuff. It could be said that he is having a shitty day. He was in good spirits when I left him, but wow, was it hard to acutally go.
We don't have one of those clingy relationships where we always have to be together. We have spent nights apart since we've been married. I don't usually see him between 5.30am (well lets face it, I'm not awake at 5.30, so really it's like midnight) and 5pm on a weekday. I have left him places heaps of times. It's realising the seriousness of it all I think.
Poor Bonnie doesn't cope with anxiety normally, she is having a hard time with this all. Poor baby.
He is in possibly the ugliest, dingiest hospital room I have ever seen. It's just - tired. Flooring is worn, everything is old and there are little bits of tinsel left hanging up where they have obviously grabbed the end and pulled. The old guy in the room next door was groaning in pain - rhythmically, but in pain -not a nice noise! (I guess you get that in a hospital). He does have a private room at the moment (I think mostly because it has it's own toilet - which he needs today!!!!). His intern came around, and while she seems nice, she is Asian, and has a heavy accent, which we found difficult to understand. Nobody can tell me what time the surgery will be. Tomorrow's list doesn't go up until tomorrow morning. The intern seemed surprised that we wanted to know what time it was - she just didn't get that I want to see him before he goes tomorrow will be a long day. His Doc said he was either 1st or 2nd on the list, and I got from the nurses that the list usually starts at 9am. They have said I can come in early, so that is what I will have to do.
Oh yeah? Did I mention that the CT scan results were good? No sign of cancer in any of the other organs. Good news.
Thanks to everyone for the wishes and prayers. Much appreciated.


Deb said...

so good to hear that the CT scans were clear! be assured of our prayers, you will both be much in my thoughts tomorrow

Judith said...

Thinking of you and Yogi and wishing him all the best for tomorrow. That's good news about the CT scans.

Jen H said...

All the best for tomorrow Soovee. Fantastic news re the CT scan. Hope you are able to sleep tonight and the kids (especially Bonnie) are as well. Hugs and peace to you all
Love Jen H

Janine said...

Great news about the CT scans and all the best with the waiting around, I know from experience the waiting is the hardest part. Good luck tomorrow, thoughts and prayers are with you all, make sure you all give each other big hugs.