Thursday, February 07, 2008

sitting in bed eating chocolate

Well obviously, that's ME, not Yogi.
LONG day. We (mum and I) went into the hospital about 9ish to make sure I got to see him before his operation - which was scheduled for 11am. WAS....they told us there were 3 minor surgeries before his, and that he wouldn't go in until late morning, or early afternoon. It was 1.30pm before he went in. It was a horrible feeling to watch them wheel him down the corridor. They said the op would take 2-4 hours and possibly more. Apparently my mind chose 2 hours as a suitable waiting time before anxiety would REALLY set in! After 3.5 hours I went to the ward to ask where he was - in recovery or still in surgery. (they had told me to do this, because he was going back to the ward after surgery). When I asked them, they said WHO? I don't know who you mean? oh him? he's not coming back here? We are not his doctors, I don't know where he is. GREAT. So I asked him, WHO DOES KNOW WHERE HE IS? Eventually a nurse looked him up on the computer and told us which ward he was going to after the surgery. When I asked her, she even gave me directions.....I was at this point, pretty worried and we go to 1 West. And when I get there, there's a bright purple wall with the words "CRITICAL CARE UNIT" on the wall. Great again. Why does no-one TELL you this stuff? ANyway, the nurses there were great and checked with the OR to see where he was - still in surgery. The time he was meant to be in recovery came and went, adn it was jsut about up to the bit where he was meant to roll in the door, when the update came - still in surgery. And again. Still in surgery. Eventually he made it to recovery about 7.15pm. I got to see him (glimpse him) about 8.10ish. Then finally to see him and touch him and hold his hand at about 8.45. He is ok. tired. sore. but lucid, and still, indisputably, my Yogi. Takes something like this to make you realise how much I still love him after 14 and a half and a bit years of marriage. Am going in tomorrow to find out what happened - will be there at 8am! for rounds. Dad is going to take the kids to school for me. Mum and Dad have been amazing. As have all the messages of love and support that our friends have sent. Thank you all so very much. NOw this tired lady is off to bed. goodnight


Tamara said...

Have been thinking about you all day. Heard from Jude that Yogi came out ok. Wish I could do something to help, but just know I'm only an email away *BIG HUG*

Judith said...

Glad to hear that he isout of surgery and able to talk to you. Sending you both best wishes for the best outcome and a speedy recovery.