Saturday, February 09, 2008

i'm tired

I'm plumb tuckered out. Knackered, buggered, ready to drop. just.plain.tired.
When I'm at the hospital I feel like I should be home with the kids. When i am home with the kids I worry that he is sad and lonely at the hospital. The house is a mess, and when I finally GET there I don't have the energy to do anything but look at the mess. Last night I had dinner at 10.30pm. Only because I was STARVING. I know it's only for a little while, but it's hard. He is ok-ish. A bit brighter than he was yesterday, but NOW he has realised it's a MAJOR operation (we TRIED to tell him that BEFORE). I don't know whether to hug him or kick him up the pants (figuratively, can't ACTUALLY because he's sitting on his toosh). I take the kids to see him and they get the fidgets and he tells them to stay still, not to touch, not to bump...and then we leave too soon. I am just feeling a bit flat. I have FIVE ENORMOUS, OVERFLOWING baskets of washing to fold, so I better go and get into least it's been through the washing bit.


Tamara said...

*hug* hope things will settle down a little more soon.

Oh...and the right answer is slap him on the arm and then hug him! (saves the effort of getting him off his toosh and back again). MEN, why do they take a bit to realise the darn obvious!

Thinking of you - wish I was closer and could help with the washing (and trust me, THAT is saying something!!).

Janine said...

Love you.....get some sleep I am begging you and just don't worry about that bloody pile of clothes....some of your kids are bigger enough to help you fold the clothes. Be kind to you!

Jen H said...

I absolutely bet you are tired - the emotional strain alone is exhausting!!!!!!
Look after yourself too and dont worry about the house - if anyone else is worried - well thats their bad luck!!
Sleep well tonight!
Jen H

cdaly said...

Hugs Soovee. Easy for us to say I know, but don't expect too much of yourself. Leave the house a mess (Paul would tell you I'm an expert at that)and so long as the kids are fed and at school (maybe with clothes on) that's a good day. Wish I was down the road to help you out too. Great news about the CT scan.