Sunday, February 03, 2008

a better day

Well things look brighter today (they're not brighter, they just look that way! LOL). I can hear the sound of laughter. We've done some talking and some hugging and some shopping (groceries, filled the cupboard so I don't have to do groceries for a while!) and feeling ok again. Tipping there's gonna be a few ups and downs ahead of us.
Mum and Dad are home from their holiday - they have been gone for nearly a month, and had a wonderful time - and are, of course, very supportive. In fact, Dad still has another week off work, so he is going to be there for the kids if we don't make it back from Tuesday's appointment in time for school pick up. Another "to do" crossed off the list.
This afternoon we are going to a friends house for a BBQ and a swim, which will be a fun, relaxing afternoon.

Oh yeah, and my new nephew? He is GORGEOUS - the wonders of the internet means we have seen photos already, and he has a name now - Noah Johannes.
Yogi is very impressed!!!

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cdaly said...

Just caught up on your blog and my heart sank when I read your news. So sorry you're all going through this. Thinking of you all.