Tuesday, January 29, 2008

interesting is one word for it.

remember I said life had been interesting?
well not in a good way.
Long story short....
....Yogi has bowel cancer.
Not as bad as it sounds. Caught early. all that
But Major Surgery is the next step, and possibly as early as next Thursday.
4-6 weeks at least off work.
On one weeks accumulated sick leave.
I have had better days.
Wish him well for me,
pray, if you are the praying type.
Will be back later when I feel more like it.


Tamara said...

Oh dear...this was so not the news I was hoping to read :(

You are never far from my thoughts lately - and I hope the surgery goes well.

*BIG HUGS* from over the land. You know where to find me if I can do anything from here.

Love Tamara XO

Jude said...

not usually the praying type but hell there are exceptions to every rule. Just hold on and hope for the best and you know I'm here and will help whenever and however I can. Take care of you and my big brother.

Anonymous said...

Bigs hugs to you all Sue. Can only imagine how you must all be feeling.

Good news that they caught it early and hope the surgery goes well.

Can Centrelink help with the shortfall of sick leave?

DebF said...

my friend, I'm praying hard for you both.

Judith said...

So sorry to read your news Sue. Hugs to you, Yogi and the children.


Janine said...

Bloody HELL, thinking and praying for you guys...sending you guys hugs.

Jen H said...

Oh Sue, big hugs to you and Yogi and the kids! Praying that all goes really well and that they find the surgery wasnt necessary - that part certainly is crazy isnt it. Praying for peace and just sending lots more {{{{{hugs}}}}}. Hope all goes well with Centrelink too.
Love Jen H