Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've got balls!

Billiard Balls that is!!!
We finally did it! Splashed out with our tax return (thanks Johnny!) and bought ourselves a pool table. We have a HUGE loungeroom here and ever since the first time we saw the house the joke has been that we could comfortably fit a billiard table in there. Well guess what? we can!
We bought our table at the Home Show in Adelaide, and were able to get it delivered yesterday (we bought the display model!) Those of you who know me really well will know that buying the display model was really the only NOW enough way to get a table for me! So far we are loving it! Will get some photos later....but now you know where I am, if I am not updating my blog!!! LOL
keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Woohoo, sounds fun!!
Jen H

Jen H said...

Hey ya - are you ever gonna update??? lol

Jen H :)

kadri guler said...

hi very nice