Monday, October 08, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, we made it safely back to SA. It felt kinda wierd doing the coming home trip in reverse! This was the first time we had "come back home" to Adelaide!! Anyway, while I was gone, Yogi finally got around to tiling our splashback. We have had the tiles sitting in the kitchen since the renovation, and I had despaired of them ever getting onto the wall. They look great, by the way, did I mention that??

We had a blast in Vic, catching up with friends and family. The week went so very very fast, and suddenly it was over. Yogi flew in Friday night, in time to celebrate his brother's 30th birthday, and then to drive home with us. It took me longer to drive to the airport in Melbourne peak hour traffic than it actually took him to fly from Adelaide!!! LOL We arrived home on Sunday evening, and this morning Yogi flew out to Innamincka. (Where the hell is that???? About as far from here as you can get and still be in SA.....up near QLD). He is there to repair some mining trucky type things (yes that is the technical term!), and we don't know exactly how long he will be gone - probably about a week and a half!).

So I am a single mother for the moment. Thank goodness the kids are older and almost self-sufficient! I didn't think I had it in me, but I am delighted to report that all four of them have survived day one! woohoo!

Keep smiling,

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Jen H said...

I really LOL about your comment re taking longer to drive to Airport than Yogi to fly - have had that happen a couple of times too where we are on the way to airport and Gary is ringing us from Adelaide or Canberra before boarding (Mitchell answers the phone!!) and then us just making it in time to collect him!!
Glad you had a great time! The single mother thing is hard isnt it and I only have one! - Gary is Brisbane and Canberra this week. Is it still school holidays there?
Jen H