Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bored and Alone

Well here we are on day 3 of the Innamincka Adventure. Well, it's not my adventure, obviously or I wouldn't be bored. Today I am missing Yogi. We get a 10min phone call each day, but, well...apparently we aren't good at talking on the phone anymore. We used to be. In the olden days when we were young and unwrinkled, we used to spend hours on the hang up, no you hang up, on the count of three, one, two, didn't hang up, did you? well neither did you it seems...*sigh* we were young and in love. Now....stilted silence. So what did you do today? Um I hung out the washing. Oh yeah and I brought it in again. Much excitement. It's school holidays too, so I have been home with the kids all day. In fact, I haven't spoken to another person in 2 days. (other than the kids and yogi)....tomorrow will be better - I get to take the kids to bowling with me! Oh joy! Lucky it's hols or I would have to miss out altogether! LOL.
Actually I just remembered that I have a friend coming to scrap a bit tomorrow with me. Yay! I am sooo looking forward to that.
So tonight I printed photos for a mini album I am playing with. Had to get my bind it all and dream kuts machines out to refamiliarise myself with them before my first workshop (21/10/07) I made three little albums. The problem is, I love making the albums, but I don't know what to put IN them! LOL I can just see a collection of empty mini albums in my stash by the end of the month...any ideas??
Looking through my photos for pics to use, I realised that I have seriously slowed down in my photo taking...I wonder if it's the fact that we live in suburbia now? or the fact that Bonnie (surely until now the most photographed child in the western world) has gone to school? Or is it that my life has become so BORING that it's not worth recording anymore??? LOL maybe I should take photos of the enormous baskets of washing I seem to be always folding!!! hmm told you I was bored.....well that will do for now,
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Sending you hugs Soovee - it's hard when they're away especially the first few times. You do get used to the phonecalls again... Gary and I talk about funny things M has said or done during the day and with your FOUR kidlets there would have to be a few of those ocassions! Actually sometimes I put the mobile on speakerphone and we both talk to him at the same time! That can be confusing lol. WHY is it tho that hubby's interstate trips OFTEN co-oincide with school holidays????? I think Gary plans it lolol! He was away for some of the first week of our recent holidays and also 3 days this week.
No. 1 "Fave things at the age of ....." One for each kid now and you could do previous ones if you have details. So just take some photos of fave books, tv show, inside activity, outside activity, them in uniform for school q's, with their best friends etc etc etc I'm sure you can think of more questions...

No. 2 "Holiday pics" (ie pics of each childs fun/fave things on most recent holiday to Vic)

No. 3 "Daddy albums" for all or the younger kids to look through when Yogi is away with work - presuming he will be doing more travel... so photos of them with Yogi doing diff things

No. 4 "Washing in progress" lol, well seeing you have been commenting on washing - why not take photos of it - dirty laundry, in machine, hanging out to dry, coming in, folded, put away .....
No. 5 I've run out of ideas now lol
Jen H :)

Tamara said...

OO ooo...i have an idea for No 5!

Everyday things - The cooking, the washing, where you shop for your groceries that sort of stuff... That would make a good mini book!

And the phone calls will become easier...have also been there done that.


Jude said...

hey big sis - tried to call you today but you weren't even home lol!
Hope bowling is fun and the kids all sleep in in the morning.

Elisa said...

Sue I can so relate to the washing. As for the mini albums, what about presents or donations. Since they make you feel good making them why not let others feel good about them too...just a thought...