Monday, September 03, 2007


Life is hectic, and confusing and hard. Things were cruising along for us as know, living payday to payday in that constant juggling act that we work so hard at, and then out of the blue, opportunity knocks. Well, not so much knocks as bludgeons the door down. So there's this great job out there for Yogi - more hours, but also (and importantly) more pay! A salary, not a wage, so not only income, but steady, regular income. Trying to raise 4 kids and keep ahead of the debt collectors on one wage has often been a struggle (there are, of course, many many people much worse off than us, and I am grateful for what we have been able to achieve so far), and although we have always had bread on the table, sometimes there has been no jam. Because my hubbie is a tradie, we have always been at the mercy of the gods of overtime. When overtime was plentiful, things were good, but the gods of overtime are harsh, and often the rug would be pulled from under our feet with little or no warning. NO OVERTIME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.So a salary is looking pretty good. Even if it means longer hours. So he trots in to put his notice in today and later this week will have to pay for a medical (not cheap) and drug test to get the job. It's been a week of big bills and lots of them, so this news was not met with much enthusiasm I must add. Especially as the kids have been promised a trip to the Royal Adelaide Show this weekend. You can't really change your mind about something like that. They have been saving their pocket money. They are excited. Anyway. He goes to work today. Puts his notice in. They counter offer. It's like choosing a show bag - which one is actually better value for money - they both look good. What if you choose the wrong one? What if you think you choose the right one, but then you see someone else with the other one and it's better than yours? The show is gone, you can't take it back, you are stuck with the whoopie cushion with a hole in it. Turmoil. I told you. It seems I am a planner, a control freak. A stablilty minded person. Boring. I just want things to be normal again. Safe.


Tamara said...

My only advice is go with your gut feeling if the money looks the same. Rarely will it let you down.

Tamara :)

Jen H said...

Oh Soovee, hugs to you at this stressful time! Trust that it will all work out and he chooses the right goodie bag! How long does he have to make his decison? More hugs!!!
Jen H

Anonymous said...

Oh, I soooo hear you Sue. Good luck.