Friday, September 07, 2007

Things have settled down a lot since last week. The Big Decision has been made, and Yogi has given his two weeks one more week at his old work, then he starts at his new work. Nothing like hearing other people's bad news to put your life into harsh perspective. My life is pretty good. At least we were never in danger of losing our home. My hissy fit is now officially over. Looking forward to normal life.
My lil sis is down (over/across/up/whatever direction it is) at the moment, and it has been great for us to see the nephews/cousins. We are off to the Adelaide Show tomorrow and despite myself I am beginning to look forward to it. The kids are soo excited it is hard not to be enthusiastic too. I am just hoping that we will get there in time to see the pig racing, I must checkout the program again and see what time that is on. We are definitely looking forward to the ute challenge (holden v ford) and "BIG BLOKES BALLET"!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!
Keep smiling!


Jen H said...

Hope you all had a fantastic time at the show! It must be swapsies time as Sarah etc have been over here in Mt Buller for the week and then our place for the weekend... we just got back from taking them to the airport :(
Glad the big decision is made and you are feeling peaceful about it!
Jen H

Elisa said...

Hope you had a great time at the show and was able to watch the pig racing..

Good to see all is well in S.A