Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday night

Well it's Sunday night here in SA and I am about to pop into bed. (I bet you are glad you are reading this now - how did you survive thus far without THAT riveting piece of information???!!!). It's been another busy weekend for us - netball (two games, as Kirsty filled in for the U/14 team), an attempt to scrap (sadly thwarted by the invasion of life), and painting again at Mum and Dads!!! We have now painted all 4 of the bedrooms there (well apart from the skirting board/window frame/door of the last room)! I think the next bit we are attacking is the hallway! I LOVE painting - I love the way the room looks so new and exciting and PRETTY when you are done. Can't wait to tackle the 'renters beige' of this house.
I went to IKEA on Friday - love that place, and bought some doovies to hang up curtains in my loungeroom....not rods, but wire doovies, with clips on them (If you polished up your letterbox in time, you will see them in the IKEA catalogue) I just need to find some curtain material that I like to hang on my three huge windows in the loungeroom (floor to ceiling, 260cm+ each of them!!!). I currently have venetian blinds, and they have to go for five reasons:
1. I hate them
2. They are breaking
3. I hate them
4. The cats bang on them when they want to go out - makes a terrible racket
5. I REALLY hate them.

Yogi starts his new job tomorrow. I really hope he enjoys it....I know I will enjoy payday!!! ROFL. Poor Yogi - he puts up with me so graciously, I really do love him to bits.
Ok raving now, obviously it's time for bed.
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Ohhhhhh I went to Ikea today and I thought of YOU as I saw a bright ORANGE cooler/carrier thingo! lol They didnt have the new catalogue yet tho - next week it appears apparently!
rotfl re your reasons that the venetians have to go !! But WOW re the curtains! Those windows are huge!
Jen H

Anonymous said...

So I've worked out you hate venetians LOL.

Will your new curtains have a hint of orange.