Thursday, September 27, 2007

Soovee - heading to a Vic near you!!!

Ok so I think it's about time I started counting sleeps (until my holiday), or maybe it should be loads of washing I am counting....seriously, how come we have so MANY clothes? I know, vicious circle, if I washed more often, we would need less clothes...not gonna happen I am afraid!

Anyway, I have my accomodation all figured out for next week (did I say NEXT week???), when I head to Vic with the four kids (but no dh) to visit. It's been about 10 months since we left, and what with Yogi changing his job THREE times now, we haven't been able to make it back. This time we have decided to go without him. (he is flying over on Fri to join us for his lil bro's 30th, and to drive home with us on Sunday). So - if you see an orange kombi with heaps of kids in the back and SA number plates, it might be me! Wave!!!!

Apart from the washing, I still have a couple more things to do before we leave. Like packing. And buying the essential travelling junk food. And loading my mp3 player with cool music. (love that I can plug it into my car stereo!). Now that I am a little more organised, I am looking forward to the trip. It will be a whirlwind visit though! So many to catch up with in such a short time!

In the meantime, remember how I told you there was a patchworker inside me trying to get out??? Well, at my patchwork class we have been encouraged to try a shorter term here is what I made.....I am really happy with it, enjoyed making it and am looking for more short projects.

Keep smiling,



Jen H said...

Oh wow that bag is so cute! See you couldnt keep away from us coz Vic is sooooooooo cool!! lo. Have a great time!
Jen H

Tamara said...

Take care on the roads Sue...still annoyed that I'm gonna miss you this trip...but maybe next one??

:) Tamara :)

Stewart said...

Yeh u go with your Combi's girl

Elisa said...

Sue, just LOVE the bag. Enjoy your visit back to Vic. Have a safe trip :)

soovee said...

Hey everyone, thanks for your comments...Tamara I am spewing I am gonna miss you - I was actually supposed to be back in Melb for Paperific, but the wedding we were going to got postponed...might even still have come, but Yogi got a new job....LOL. Hopefully we will catch up one day.

Janine said...

LOVE the BAG you clever little chooky and I am soooooo looking forward to catching up with you:)))))