Thursday, September 13, 2007

Banana Caramel Tart is yummo

Before I go any further let me just confirm that I have officially grown up (or should I say grown OLD?). I didn't enjoy the show AT ALL. Too many people in one place at one time trying to look at one thing. Too much pushing and shoving. Too much cheap rubbish and junk food. Next time I think I will stay at home in my happy little place!!!! The kids (miraculously considering their scowling mother) had a fantastic time. Which is, after all, what it was all about.

Today I went out to lunch with some of my girlfriends (not in the hand holding, skipping sense, you understand, in the hot chocolate, caramel tart eating sense!!!!). It's so great to spend some time with your friends just chilling out! I had a wonderful afternoon. We went in the kombi (of course!), although in the end the crowd was smaller than originally planned and we could have fitted into any of our cars - but WHY WOULD YOU when you could go in the kombi?

Really not much has happened here this week, but I felt like my blog looked old and boring.... (I guess now it's new and boring?????).

Keep smiling,

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Anonymous said...

From one oldy to another... (coz I dont like the show either!)
I dont think your blog is boring lol but I am just a sticky beak lol. Lunch sounded wonderful!
Jen H