Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OK So I am not a doctor!!!!

Well I was wrong, there's no ear infection (thank goodness), just the nasty lurgy that has been going around here at the moment. Yesterday there were SIX kids away from Bonnie's class, so she's not the only one down. Doc said to keep her home for a week to give her a chance to get over it, no medication - only panadol, just lots of TLC. I can do that.

Nic had a great birthday yesterday, and rather conveniently, has a casual day today, so he gets to wear his new Melbourne Demons T-shirt to school. He does enjoy teasing his SA schoolmates!!

that's all for now folks,
Keep smiling,

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Anonymous said...

Wow a week! She must be pretty sick for him to give that much time off - poor little thing! Hope she's feeling lots better soon!
We had 5 kids away from Kinder for 3 sessions recently too - there's lots going round here too. Made for very small group which was lovely lolol
Jen H