Monday, August 20, 2007


Well here we are on Monday morning. Nic got us all up just after 6am (Yogi too -he'd normally be gone to work, but flexible hours at his new job meant he could start late today- it's so cool for him to join in the morning fun!). Sadly, however Nic wasn't the first one to get us up - we'd already been up twice during the night for Bonnie (poor sick, wee Bonnie!). So after he had unwrapped his presents, we left him merrily tapping buttons on his new phone and - went back to bed for 1/2 hour. Bonnie crawled in with us, but refused to go under the blankets, so we had a fairly uncomfortable 3o mins, after which she put herself back into her own bed, where she remains now. Half her luck! Have an appointment to take her to the Doc this arvo, but I suspect her cold has turned into an ear infection.....

Got the crowd coming over for dinner tonight - so I have to do more cooking! NO PAVLOVAS this time though -had enough of them for now. By special request of the birthday boy we are having pasta bake - WITH NO MUSHROOMS - and sponge cake.

Well I hope you and yours are all well, and having a great Monday.
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

It's birthday season atm lol! M's birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday to Nic.
Hope Bonnie is better soon, poor thing, ear infections are horrible!
Enjoy tonight
Jen H

Tamara said...

Happy Birthday Nic!!

Anonymous said...

it certainly is birthday month..Nic shares his birthday with my sister Kim and a friend had a baby boy today...happy birthday Nic and I hope Bonnie is feeling better soon!