Sunday, July 29, 2007

Spoilt Rotten

OK. So last Wednesday was my birthday. A day to celebrate my arrival on this earthly know - 21 years ago! I must say, I was less enthusiastic about the approaching day than my 6 year old daughter (who was literally running a countdown on our whiteboard), but in the end I had a FANTASTIC day. Was spoilt rotten. Not necessarily with expensive diamond-ringesque presents, but with little presents that were just so very very thoughtful. My kids bought me a Norah Jones CD (even though they hate listening to it!), a tin of metallic pencils (after a weekend stamping/card making challenge which I borrowed Nic's for - and was reluctant to give them back!!), and a top that I had admired while we were out shopping. Yogi made a magnificent display from recycled balloons!! (in joke, LOL), and spoiled me with peanut brittle - yummmmo....and there were other things too - a day out with Mum who took the day off work to celebrate with me. The best steak sandwich in Adelaide for lunch (from the Yatala Deli, with thanks to BRUCE!), and my nephews found me an orange handbag, which they stuffed full of orange things! (do you know how many pockets there are in a handbag????!!!) What fun! But probably the biggest surprise of them all was the website from my lil Sis! It still makes me grin. Not sure if I have mentioned it here, but I recently became a Scrapanalia consultant, and so the new site is to help me get that show on the road! So check it out if you like -
- it looks awesome. I will be updating it with any Scrapanalia news I have - so if you are in Adelaide, keep an eye on it! So all in all, I had a wonderful birthday - ended with dinner at Mum and Dads (Pizza and cake and icecream), with my family and my brothers family too. Thanks to everyone for your best wishes too. Much appreciated.

We've had a quiet weekend. Netball was back on this Saturday, but that was about all we did that day - oh yeah, I did some scrapping!!! JANINE - I have done my two LOs and more...will show you when I scan them!
Keep smiling,


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Sue:))) So glad to hear you had a great day and got spoilt rotten and I saw the blog the other day when I stopped by Judes the other day! Well done on the two and more LOs before the end of the month! I got it done too! And yes more than two as well! Will share them when I get a chance to scan them! So your turn to come up with a challenge.....Have a great week Sue!
Love ya

Jude said...

oh shucks it wasn't a big thing - glad it brought a smile to your dial!

Jen H said...

Oh ah I hadnt checked this blog for a while as I thought the other one was taking over lol and I thought I would just double check one last time before I deleted the faves link - lucky I did! lolol
Glad you had such a nice birthday!
Jen H