Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Great Day

It's been a really good day today, apart from a slight incident involving me, a packet of (rice) crackers and an entire tub of dip, that I won't go into here....ugh.

This morning I was volunteering at the primary school as I do every Tues and Weds morning, and the principal asked me if I had considered becoming an SSO. (Eventually that means I will be getting paid to do what I am already doing)....so paid work, walking distance from home, that fits into school hours and with school holidays - how could I say no to that!???!!!! It might involve more time up there for now, but we will see - i am not really sure how it will work, I will get more info tomorrow.

SO, already feeling pretty good, I headed off to the gym with a good friend of mine...and while I was there we got the SMS announcing that one of our other friends had given birth to a healthy baby daughter (after 2 boys, no less!). So, much jumping around and hugging at the gym to celebrate that one!

Then a friend took a quiet moment to tell me that she was glad to have me for a friend. WOW. I don't think she knows how much her friendship has meant to me, but oh boy did she give me a giant sized boost by saying that out loud.

After that there was more celebrating the baby girl at school with all the other school mums - the room 10 mums I guess you could call us. We have all been watching the preggie tummy get bigger and bigger, so we are sharing in the excitement now, and are all anxiously awaiting our chance to have a cuddle (could be a while, she was born by c-section!!!).

Then Yogi met me at school - I had forgotten it was Tuesday - he finishes early on Tues and Thursday - so it was a lovely surprise to see him there. It's really nice to walk home with him!

So, as I said. Great day. Can you top that???? Would love to hear your good day stories.
Keep smiling,


Jude said...

nope can't top that I'm afraid! Sounds like a great day.

I had an ok day - good even I guess. But Owen wanted a bucket to take to bed in case he was sick so not so sure it will end well!

Tamara said...

Sue, today, YOU were my good day story :)

Jen H said...

Sounds like a lovely day and woohoo about the SSO job - I know EXACTLY what u mean about fitting in with school hours, school holidays etc - thats why the Kinder job (kinder is in Mitchell's school grounds!!) is so perfect for me too.
As for a good day - well my good fun day today was babysitting my friends 14 week old baby while she took her middle daughter out for lunch for some special Mum/Daughter time. (oldest child is at school)
So I loved looking after Skyler, taking photos!! playing with him and rocking him off to sleep - was sooooooo sweet! :)
Jen H (aka essay writer!)

Anonymous said...

Can't top that...although I am off to the snow and sunday and looking forward to two weeks away from my cherubs at school...good luck with the sso job. I can't speak more highly about my lovely sso who work in my room. They are simply fantastic and I know you would too....good luck