Friday, June 01, 2007

Soovee's reading challenge!!!!!

OK. So I have been reading all those books, and seeing as how I am up to the last one, and it was raining, and I was 1/2 hour early for school pick up and the library is right near the school, I decided to go in and find another book to read.
Wandered aimlessly for a while. Looked for Maeve Binchely (sp?) book, with no luck and I was having trouble finding a book to read.
SO I went for random, and here is your challenge (to do what I did).
I want you to go to your library and head for the third rack of books. Then go to the second bay (most libraries have bays in their bookshelves???), then go to the second shelf, and choose the 8th book. I got "Waterwoman" by Lenore Hart.
WIll let you know if it is any good later....., off you go,
3rd rack
2nd bay
2nd shelf
8th book

Let me know what you end up with !
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Oh this sounds fun lol. I will do this next time I am at the library ??maybe?? over the weekend. It's Maeve BINCHY btw and don't start with Tara Rd tho - the best one to start with is Light a Penny Candle or Circle of Friends. (IMO lol)
Jen H

Jen H said...

Havent got there yet Soovee, but still planning on it lol! Have you managed to get the Maeve Binchy books yet?
Jen H

Jen H said...

OK, so I did it..... and I ended up with THE RIVER HOUSE by Margaret Leroy.
One of the blurbs on the back..... A harrowing new novel about a modern mother whose love for her daughter is turned against her in a nightmarish turn of events......" Yikes lol
Oh and Mitchell and I were arguing which should be called the 3rd stack as on the very first stack was something on first side (not sure what) and then romance on the 2nd side and the fictional books, letter A, started about 3/4 of the way through the 2nd side so I decided to ignore that stack lol
Hope someone else takes you up on your challenge too - this was fun and I will let you know what I think of this book. How is yours going? Jen H

cdaly said...

I am going to do this too Soovee - will keep you posted!

cdaly said...

OK. I did it and I have 'Two Way Split' by Alan Guthrie - a crime thriller and I don't mind those, so we will see. Paul thought I had gone crazy.

Rach Leeke said...

ME read.... yeah right
I will try though ... Kathy has gove me a cool book to read I must get around to opening the front cover soon ... rxoxox