Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quickly updating...

Hey there,
nothing much exciting to report, but I just read Jen H's blog and decided I had better update mine straight away! (LOL!!!!).
Finally all the kids are back at school today - we had a long weekend and the high school had a student free day the day before it and the primary school had one the day after - obviously it was a plot by the SAn govt to ensure that I didn't get a sleep-in!!!
My little brother STEVE got engaged to KATIE on the weekend! And as part of the deal, I get an instant niece too, EMMA, so that is pretty cool!
Anyway time to go get the kids...but before I leave, did you know that if you buy a netball pole, it doesn't come in a box? It's already set up....ever tried carrying one through a shopping centre?????
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

rotfl!!! I have caused a few updates and comments with my comment!! lolol
rotfl re the netball pole too! How exciting re the engaement!

Jen H said...

PS I finished reading my library book - hmmmmmmm lolol - the blurb on the back was relating to another book by the same author btw - took me a while to figure that out rotfl!!!!!!!!!!
This one was quite sad really about a woman who has a (very descriptive shall we say..... lolol) affair and the many consequences of people finding out.

Rach Leeke said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO hooooooo congrats to your bro... how very excitment for u all