Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NOT the chicken pogs!

Well, life has been busy busy busy...and yet I haven't got much of excitement to report! It's our second last week of school term here and 15 sleeps until Bonnie's birthday. (We have been counting down from 49 sleeps, so it's been a somewhat long countdown!). I have Bonnie home from school today with a cold (hopefully it's not the start of the "CHICKEN POGS" which have been going around at school!). Got P/T interviews at school this afternoon - am I the only parent who gets nervous about these? Fortunately I have been doing some volunteering at the school, so I know the teachers a bit and am less worried than I have been in the past. It's kind of silly to feel that way I know, but there you have it.

In breaking news, I have officially signed up to be a Scrapanalia consultant....and after recieving my first box of goodies I can see that this is going to be GREAT FUN!!!!! I am going to run a scrapbooking table at my local parish craft group on Friday nights next term, so I am really looking forward to that. My gorgeous sister, Judy (but don't you call her that!!!!) has helped me heaps with designing business cards etc, so I am just waiting for the postie to deliver now.

Last week we had to have our hot water system replaced - it had turned into an indoor watering system and as we aren't growing, or planning to grow, any interesting plant life in our laundry, it had to go. Don't you just hate those unexpected bills that bite you in the bum! Still I will say that hot water is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

My patchwork quilt is growing steadily of late (it does sometimes sit sadly neglected in the corner for a week or two)...and I have now got 10 flowers joined together and another one almost completed. Joining them all together is the best bit - last time I added three flowers all at once and it seemed so much BIGGER. I can't wait to finish it (don't get excited I am on a two year schedule!!!!). I really enjoy doing it - who'd have thunk it?

Anyway, hope your day is fabulous, whoever and wherever you are!
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Ah no Soovee you're definately NOT the only one OR silly! It's just like being back at school yourself and going to the Principals office lol! I was definately like that at the beginning. Now's not so bad as this is the 3rd year (Gr 1, 2 and now Gr4) that Mitchell has had this teacher (small school and all that) and we get on really well. In fact she was telling me all about her MotherInLaw this arvoas she has a similar situation with her as I did with Dad. Hope Bonnie doesnt get the Chicken Pogs !! Woohoo re Scrapanalia - thats cool !! Yikes re the hot water service! And YUKKO to the bills and yey re your Patchwork Quilt. Phew!! Seeeeeeeeee you had heaps of news!!! lolol Have you bumped into Sarah yet??
Jen H

Jodii said...

Woohoo, Soovee on becoming a Scrapanalia consultant. I'm sure you will love it and be great at it. Shame about the hot water service. Good luck with the PT interviews

Rach Leeke said...

woo hoo you sue... so many exciting things happening for U in SA... way cool ... thank god it not the dreaded POGS....
pain in the butski a bout youHot water though