Tuesday, May 01, 2007

this and that and nothing very much

It must be time for an update.
Let's see....

The kids are back at school. And you won't find me complaining about having to get up when the alarm goes off (well maybe I will complain in a week or two when the novelty wears off!!!). I love it when the kids are at school! I have asked Bonnie's teacher if she will please teach Bonnie to read SILENTLY...we are really excited and proud of Bonnie's amazing reading progress (she was being tested on level 11 when I left this morning - up from level 7)...but sometimes, just sometimes it would be great if we could hit the mute button!!! LOL Poor Boo.....

I am back at school. Well sort of. I have just started volunteering at the primary school, in the resource centre, and I will be working with a boy in gr3 who has learning difficulties too. I loved being in the library today, and Paula, the AP was just so welcoming and friendly. It will be good for me I think.

Glasses....I have to get some. For years I have had a problem with the muscles around my eyes, and I have always been told there was nothing that could be done. Well, I went in to have my eyes tested because my distance vision has been giving me difficulties and it turns out it;s just that my muscles are tired from focussing close up - long story, just trust me...so apparently there are these Prisms glasses things that will help my muscles relax....so less headaches!Only need to wear them for reading and other close up stuff. Yay I say. Hope they work.

Ok that's enough stuff to be going on with, hope you are having a great week....whererever and whoever you are!
Keep smiling,

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Jen H said...

I do like M being at school too but just dont like having to get there by 9am lolol!!!
Bet you never thought you would be saying that about Bonnie!! And wow congratulations to her being on Level 11!! Well done to her! The volunteering sounds great! Excellent that they have sorted out the glasses issue too. Have a great week yourself and I MUST get around to finding a photo of Sarah for you - you can't miss her she's REALLY tall! lol
Jen H