Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Apparently I am Bonniesmum. This morning I have also been Kirstysmum and Eriqsmum. No doubt this afternoon when I pick Nic up from school camp (will be good to see him again!), I will be Nicsmum. I have been volunteering up at the school again this morning, and I am starting to get to know my way around the place. But the kids saying hello to me now, yell out (almost always as they are running past) "hello Bonniesmum!!!!!!".
It made me stop and think today how much my life revolves around these four amazing creatures. How much of me I give to them. How much I depend on them, in a way....what would I be if I wasn't NicKirstyEriqBonniesmum????? And how much pleasure it gives me to be their mum. Most of the time. I love the fact that they are still (well at least the three younger ones) pleased to see me at school. When they walk into the library and see me there, they wave and yell out to me, instead of cowering behind the bookshelves. Love 'em to bits...

.......does this post mean i will get really great mother's day presents now??????

keep smiling,

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Jen H said...

Hello Bonniesmum from Mitchellsmum!! I know EXACTLY what you mean! I was Mitchellsmum for 3 years! However now I am also MissJenMissJen as the Kinder Kids from the previous years graduate to the school and then see me in the playground waiting to pick up M!!
And so why is Jude a pain in the but???
Jen H