Monday, May 14, 2007


I am furious. I am fuming. Mama Bear in full throttle.
Just got back from my sons basketball game. Under 10s. Why do some coaches feel the need to win at all costs? (at this point I will resist the urge to point out that we didn't win anyway).
I abhor unfairness in kids sport. I hate when the "good" kids, the future olympians, get more court time at the expense of the kids who are not so naturally talented. We are supposed to encourage our kids to be more active. How can you explain to a kid why he spends most of a game watching the action, while other kids play almost the whole time? I am angry. I have spoken briefly with the club president, but I am not confident that it will achieve anything. I am Mama Bear, hear me roar!!!!



Tamara said...

*ducks from scary Mamabear*

Hmmm..nope, I don't get it either!

Jen H said...

Its a bit rediculous isnt it - and how will these kids improve if they dont get the court/field etc time???
Jen H
Let us know the results of your chat with the president

Anonymous said...

I so hear you roar on that note Sue! I must say I was always proud of my dad when he was coaching under 12 baseball, he always gave everyone a fair go! If you turned up to training and turned up on the day you deserved to play! How else are they going to get better or even learn to play that sport! Keep roaring Sue I will roar here for you too!