Friday, April 20, 2007

What a week!

OK. Our visitors have gone. And after all the planning and preparation and toing and froing, we are missing them already. Had a great time. The kids were rapt to see their cousins again, and the cousins were just as excited. The logistics of feeding and washing and cleaning up after 8 kids and 4 adults made for a busy week, but a fun one. Will put some photos on in a mo, but basically, we went on a dolphin cruise (sadly no dolphins this time), went to the city via the o-bahn, and went to whispering wall. Last night we went to cold rock icecream, which, for those who haven't heard of it, is a shop where you choose your icecream flavour, then choose your lolly/choccy/choccy biscuit, and the attendants mush them up together on a cold rock (hence the name)!!! Way cool fun! Combos such as tia maria icecream with jaffas, or cheesecake icecream with tim tams, or strawberry icecream with nerds, or banana icecream with mini m and ms. You get the idea.

The biggest thing this week was meeting our new niece/cousin, Sarah, who was born on Xmas night last year, and who we hadn't yet met. She is, of course, a sweetheart!!!

Anyway, less talk, more pics!
Keep smiling,

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Jen H said...

They're great photos Soovee, esp the one with all the kids on the seat thingoes, and gotta comment on the fact you are wearing an orange t-shirt (oh and btw I am wearing an orange singlet top as I type lolol)
You're niece looks a real sweety!
Jen H