Friday, April 13, 2007

In Praise of Wizzpegs

Have you ever heard of them? Funny looking little things, but they are amazing. My friend, Jen Hone put me onto them, and surely I will owe her for the rest of my life.
The basic idea is that you put this little funny looking peg on your socks before you chuck 'em in the wash. The pegs go in the machine, then they stay on the socks (you use 'em to hang the socks up too, easy as!). If you live somewhere where it rains (?????!!!!!!!), you can even put them through the tumble drier. Simple. The only time the peg is not on the sock, is when you are wearing the socks. Intrigued?????

First, a little maths for you.
There are 6 of us in my family.
We have 2 feet each.
6x2 = 12.
We wear 12 socks a day.
there are (last time I checked) 7 days in a week.
7x12 = 84.
We wear 84 socks (give or take a pair or two) a week. NO WONDER I WAS DROWNING IN ODD SOCKS.
Recently I folded 6 baskets of washing (yeah I know - it's sad, I got behind - again!!!), and from those six baskets, I had only 6 odd socks. Now to some that may sound a lot, but where I come from, that's a lot less than normal....and the wizzpegs are still only new here, we are still getting the hang of remembering to put them on.
That is a great improvement!!! I am now seriously anticipating that there will soon be a day in my house where odd socks are a thing of the past. Seriously. Love 'em.
One colour for each member of the family too, that's another ace thing....I don't get the kids socks mixed up anymore. Nic's socks go to Nic, Kirsty's to get the idea.
If you don't have 'em, get some!!!
trust me


Jen H said...

Woohoo Soovee, I was wondering how they were going! I dont wear socks much until winter but it has made a HUGE difference to both M and G piles of socks! They do still occasionally forget too but I can just imagine with at least 84 socks a week, that you must be rapt! lol
Enjoy the visitors and the hols - we are back at school today and M is NOT happy!
Jen H

stanw said...

Hi Soovee,
It's great to know you think so highly of my little babies ( wizzpegs )One day they will be in use in every household as we know just how much time they save when it comes to hanging,pairing and sorting socks.A small favour please -could you put a comment in the Wizzpeg guest book (it would be much appreciated)
StanW (inventor )