Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Our Family has extended again.

Meet Claude.

Couldn't resist his cute lil face at the pet shop - so we brought him home to be Nic's pet.

Only fair, really, as we made him leave Black Jack (the goat) behind when we moved.

Anyway. We all love him to bits.

Except Boofa, who remains undecided!!! LOL

Isn't he cute?????


Jen H said...

What a cutie!! lol re Boofa!

Ceri said...

He is a cutie. And i just saw the pikkis of your kitchen. I Love the handles sooooo (looking for the right word.) YOU!! I must come over and see it IRL. I've been a slck friend I am sorry.

gabbie said...

very cute! :-) love the name too!