Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We have LIFT OFF - almost

This morning the dishwasher place (did I mention that we had put a deposit on a dishwasher?) rang to see how the plans for the kitchen were going and if we had any idea when we would be needing our dishwasher. I told them that we hadn't heard anymore as yet, and they were happy enough to wait (included in the price is installation - so we needed to have the kitchen in before the washer can be installed). Then I thought about it and decided to ring the kitchen place. SO - are you sitting down???
they told me that they have all the bits in the workshop right now....he just needs to put the finishing touches on, he will call me later in the week, but it's looking good for an installation on MONDAY OR TUESDAY next week!!!!! woohoo! guess who is going tile shopping this weekend?
Keep smiling,
PS spoke to Nic's (very lovely) maths teacher today, and we are monitoring the situation, apparently he is not doing as badly as he thinks he is, and for the meantime he is going to hang in there.

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Jen H said...

Woohoo thats exciting! I posted your parcel today :)
Jen H