Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the morning after the long weekend....

Well here we are - Tuesday morning, life is back to normal. How come it was so hard to get out of bed this morning? I am wondering if it is because the mornings are getting darker - almost time to switch out of daylight saving mode......anyway, finally dragged myself out and got the kids off to school.
Yogi has started his new job this morning. I hope it is going well for him.
I went down to Kmart this morning to layby a tent - it was on special last week - and to be honest I sort of KNEW it would be sold out but I went to look anyway. Of course, it WAS sold out and there were no rainchecks. We are looking at getting a tent so that we can join in on the camping trips with the kombi club. Most of the other kombis are campers, so they regularly head off camping. I am in two minds on the whole thing. If we own a tent, we will be able to take little weekend escapes (camp sites are so much cheaper than onsite vans/cabins). BUT I haven't been camping since I was a teenager...not sure how excited I really am about sleeping on the floor and cooking on a two burner stove/bbq. Anyway we will have to get organised and give it a go. Just call me Crocodile Soovee!!! LOL
This weekend we headed off on a Kombi Club Cruise - see pic. Do you think I will ever get sick of taking photos of multiple kombis???? nah! Still lovin'my kombi. It's the best fun, watching peoples faces as 8+ kombis cruise past them in a row (we ended up with 10 on the weekend....!!!). It really is great fun!


Jen H said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh (gasp) there's another orange kombi!!!
Mmmmmmm camping lol - we've got a new tent too, that IS big enough for me to go too Gulp! lol
Have fun when you do go!
PS Whats the latest on the Kitchen?
Jen H

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, every time I see a Kombi I think of you...reminds me there is one that is parked on street not to far way that I must get a pic of and send to you...you'd love it! As far as the camping is concerned you can have it did it once about 15 years ago and hated it...loved the company but not the camping...I must admit to being very spoilt and having a holiday house so camping sucks to me..but each to there own.

Jude said...

looks cool - my kombi lovin boys would be in true Kombi heaven! Did I tell you I found Kombi t-shirts on sale for $5 each at big W (one for Brett and one for Owen - none small enough for Corey)...should find out if anyone is havin a kombi cruize or something here as kids would love to go watch!