Tuesday, March 20, 2007


It's raining here this morning, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, now that we are a "walk to school"sort of family, I will need to rush out and buy some more umbrellas....but I don't care! The birds are enjoying the rain too - they have been going sick this morning...cheeping away.
OK - so, what's been happening? Nothing.
NO sign of the new kitchen yet - still waiting on my enormous, special order benchtop.
I rang the high school today, as Nic has been really struggling with his maths (and it's all gobbledy gook to me), and asked me if I would talk to his teacher about him maybe going down a level. I am happy to talk to the teacher and see what he thinks about it, so will just wait for him to give me a call. I am not sure how long Nic has been having a hard time with it all, but I bet it has been longer than I have realised.
Yogi has been working at his new job for a week today, and seems to be liking it. He is the youngest bloke there (and while I know that we are still young, we are certainly not spring chickens anymore - well, I am, but not Yogi!!! LOL), so he says he feels like he has entered a retirement home for boilermakers....we just call him the apprentice and make jokes about how he has to go get the lunches! I am looking forward to his paycheck - especially as we have gone back to the reality of him working extra hours (overtime!).
We went into the city on the weekend for the International Busker's Festival. WOW!!! It was awesome...we saw a guy put his body through a squash racquet. We saw amazing (and very handsome) "Russian" acrobats - Pop-Eyed - you may have seen them on Australia's Got Talent?, and we saw more too! We caught the bus into the city (via the O-Bahn) and then just wandered around all Sat arvo and into the evening, watching street performers. Yogi and Kirsty both got called out of the audience to "help" in seperate acts! It was awesome. It's part of the FRINGE FESTIVAL that is on here in Adelaide, and I have to say that the atmosphere in the city was fantastic.
Well I think that's enough to keep me out of trouble for now, I am off umbrella shopping!
Keep smiling,


Jen H said...

Its been raining here too and is wonderful! That sounds BIZZARE re the body thru the squash racket!! All the best with Nic and aggghhhhh re the Kitchen - not fair eh! Hope it comes soon!
Jen H

kadriokur said...

hi very thanks