Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's beeeyoootiful

Hello again!
Kitchen is in, and it's beeeeyooootiful. I will show you some pics later...haven't taken them yet. Waiting for the cabinet maker to come back and finish the kickboards. Electrician has been, Plumber has been, there is a hole in my kitchen ready for a dishwasher. The tiling happens this weekend (at least the floor bit), and then hopefully next week I can get the dishwasher installed. I am really looking forward to the dishwasher bit!!!!! What a day it was....people all over the house, cats hiding behind the couch....I am glad it's all done. A tip for anyone planning a kitchen renovation - don't start putting things in your lovely shiny new cupboards until ALL of the tradies have finished, otherwise you might find yourself emptying them all over again!!! I know you will find it hard to believe that I am impatient....but there's the sad sorry truth of it.
Keep smiling,

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