Thursday, February 08, 2007

Taking a Chill Pill (well not so much the pill bit!!!)

Firstly, thanks to everyone for your supportive comments about Bonnie and her reading! Two things have happened since my last post...1) I convinced her to read to me at school (of course we had to sit on the floor, in the corner where noone could see us, but she did do it) and even better 2) I had a chat to the oh-so-fabulous Mrs Rawlins. I suggested that maybe I should stop coming for reading and see if she would read without me there. (very sadly, I might add, as I love being involved in the classroom), but Mrs Rawlins said nope, tried it and it doesn't work - she wouldn't read to anyone even when I am not there. Then she reassured me that the READER reading is only a very small part of all the reading work they do at school, and that Bonnie is participating very well and very often in all the other elements, and that she is aware of Bonnie's abilities. It seems just that reading the reader is so much a "spotlight" activity - where all the attention is focused on her - and she can't handle it, but she is participating in group oral activities. So in short, she is doing really well, and I should just relax!!!

Something happened today that happens all the time, and you don't notice that it is happening until it stops that again slowly, and continue when you have figured it out ! LOL

Someone said "Hello Sue"to me this morning. Doesn't seem like much, but you see, nobody knew my name, and then it took them a while to remember it, and this morning it finally happened. It's good to have it back!

Bonnie has her first game of netball this afternoon - she is soooooooooo excited!!! I am sure she will fumble the ball and drop it more than she catches it, but I know she will have fun, she is so proud to have her own netball skirt, and has been looking forward to this afternoon for ages.

I started my digital photostories course at TAFE last night....It was great fun. I can see myself getting seriously addicted to it. 4 more weeks of the course to go.

Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

Digital Photo stories???? More please. Have you seen the photo books on ?

I am getting seriously addicted to them for all those event/travel photos that I never seem to get around to scrapping. I just photoshop the whole page with text and insert and I get this gorgeous coffee table book / album.

Jen H said...

Cool that she finally read to you and double cool that the teacher is aware of her abilities through observation of other activities and that she is so understanding!!
And TRIPLE Cool that someone said hello using your NAME!
The course sounds fun!
Jen H

Tamara said...

I"m not in Adelaide..but am just dropping by to say "Hi Sue!"

soovee said...

HI back, Tamara!!!!!