Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Someone Loves Macca

It's Valentine's Day - and while part of me sees the commercialisation that causes the frenzy at this time of year, there is a very big part of me that applauds the idea of a day set aside especially to take a minute to remember those we LOVE and to TELL THEM. This year I have done absolutely nothing - no card, no flowers (yes, I have given him flowers in the past), no sticky notes, no be honest I really wasn't at all in the spirit....
.....but today on the way home from school, Cupid's arrow got me - and it wasn't even aimed in my direction. A plane flew overhead, writing a message in the blue Adelaide sky. Everyone at school, kids and parents alike, walked along with their faces in the air, watching, anticipating, dreaming... Everyone followed the plane, waiting to see who the mysterious admirer LOVED....and I couldn't help but imagine Macca's face when he (or maybe it's a girl Macca?) saw that message in the sky. Would he know straight away that it was for him? Would he know instantly who it was from? Would he be embarrased? Excited? How LOVED would something like that make you feel? *sigh* I have always been a romantic at heart.
So, to whoever it is that loves Macca, thank you for shouting it out to the world, and for bringing smiles to the faces of almost all of us who saw it. I wish you the happiest of Valentine's Days, with your Macca.
Keep smiling,

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