Monday, February 05, 2007

Patchwork Frenzy

I always suspected that there was a patchworker inside of me trying to get out, but I never suspected that she would be a fanatic, who decided to do it all by HAND....and also that her first project would be a queen-size quilt!!!!

I went to a craft group with some ladies from my local Church on Fri morning and I started one little BLOCK to give it a try. Well, I loved it! Total addiction. I couldn't put it down until it was finished. Even when my scrapping buddies arrived!!!! (I did scrap a bit after I finished the little block). I was so pleased with the way that the block turned out that I had to use it for something, so it now proudly adorns Bonnie's library bag!!!!!!
I went to spotlight to buy some green, red and cream fabric to make an elegant quilt for our bed. I came back with orange, brown and taupe. I TRIED to buy the other colours, but there just wasn't the right ones - they wouldn't match right. Actually, there wasn't anywhere near as large a selection as at MY old spotlight store in Narre Warren. Anyway, I have made the first block already, and I am loving it....only 52 more whole blocks to go, plus some half ones and the bits that join them all together! LOL

I am starting to feel a bit less lost and a bit more at home here now. I LOVE my house, and everything being so close is awesome. My MUM is in seventh heaven having the kids near her - and is currently in the process of taking each one out by themselves for dinner......she will be spending Wednesday nights here with them for the next 5 weeks, while I do a short course and Yogi joins the local SES. I am on the bowling team with Mum, and that's great fun. I have friends come over to scrap regularly (thanks to the wonderful Ceri), and I even know a few other women by their NAME. Our neighbours are fantastic (and as a bonus, they have a pool!! lol). The kids seem to be settling in well too - Kirsty has started netball, (won the first game 12-3, and she shot 6 goals), Eriq plays his first basketball game this evening (for the ROADRUNNERS), and Bonnie starts Netball on Thursday afternoon.....she is soooooo excited. Nic is seriously considering the taekwondo idea (!!!) but he is hoping to convince a mate to do it with him.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news Sue. I'm so pleased for you. However, I never doubted your ability to get right in amongst it and for all to quickly realise how great you are. Soom you'll be knocking back all the offers of socialising LOL

You go girl!

Jude said...

great to hear....kinda wish I was there too sometimes. and you are right that Mum is loving having you all there!