Monday, February 05, 2007

Selective Frustration

I know I just posted, but this one needs a seperate post all of it's own. Bonnie has been doing OH so very very well, that sometimes I forget there was ever a problem. (well not a problem.....but you know what I mean) For those who don't, Bonnie was last year diagnosed with Selective Mutism - basically an anxiety disorder that means, even if she wants to, she can't talk in places where she feels uncomfortable. There are no rules about where she can/can't talk, or WHO she can/can't talk to. The only treatment is to provide a supportive environment, where she is given the opportunity to talk, but without putting any pressure on her if she can't. UNDERSTANDING basically is all she needs, until she can work through it. And here she has been really lucky, her kinder teachers were gentle, patient and caring, and just fantastic for her, and she made great leaps and bounds last year. Her teacher, Mrs Rawlins, is amazing too. These professional people have their heads around it no problem. It's ME again with the issues. I was in the room to do reading this morning, and was all set to listen to Bonnie read, but she wouldn't. NO WAY. She wouldn't come sit with us at the table. She wouldn't read to the other mum. Not even to MRs Rawlins - hands over her ears at this point. Now I KNOW that putting pressure on her is WRONG WRONG WRONG. But, I know she is not letting them see how fantastic she is. She has been wowing me with her reading at home, but if she won't demonstrate it at school, how can they tell????? This is the biggest fear I had about sending my little one to school, and here it is happening exactly as I dreamed it. Of was only the first day, and I may be over-reacting.
Gotta go get the little darling now, schools out in a tic.
Keep smiling,


Anonymous said...

Selective mutism or not, this is actually a very common problem for Preps so don't worry too much Sue. She'll get her head around it soon enough and wow them too. If not, there's always video tape to prove it...I'm's been done before.

Always a solution.

Jen H said...

Hugs to you Sue! You have named it well calling it Selective Frustration!
Our one at Kinder is the same when his Mum is there, but mostly different when she isnt (depends if anyone else NEW is around !!)
Do you know whether she will read to them if you are NOT in the room?
Great idea re the taping,Pam, tho Sue, if you dont want her to know that you are taping her then how about the old fashioned tape recorder in the background ???
Hugs again

Anonymous said...

Sue, deep breaths.....didn't Eriq do exactly the same thing? And he got past it. So frustrating though I totally get that. They do something all the time at home but not when you are out (or vise versa)