Friday, February 09, 2007

Digital Photostories

OK this post is for PAM!!!! (Hello Princess!!!)
Digital Photo Story is a free download from Microsoft....just go to
and download a copy. I reckon anyone who is a bit computer savvy (ie US), can figure out how to use it just by playing, it's pretty self-explanatory.
Basically you can put your photos in (digi ones, but you can scan older ones to use too), and you add music, voice narration if you want, and text too.....special transitions (sort of like they use on powerpoint)....really easy to use, very effective. It turns your photos into a dvd, and it pans over your photos as it does it, so it comes across like a movie. NOt sure how well I am explaining this. You can choose a starting point on the photo (eg zoom in on someone's face), then pan out to show the whole photo. It does have some limitations - the biggest one that has annoyed me is the fact that you can only crop the photo in both dimensions at once - (you can't make it longer, but keep the width)....but I reckon it might work if you did that bit in photoshop first - haven't tried it yet.
SO after week one of a 5 week course I have made a photostory of my daughter's birthday party. No doubt I will refine my technique, but she loves it. And it's fun. Give it a go!
(Oh yeah there is a plug in that costs $26 to allow you to burn the photostories to dvd - apparently it's hard to do without it - but without the plug in you can play them on computer....)
keep smiling,

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Sue.

Sounds like iphoto that's on the Mac at my Photography college.

It's awesome and I'm already making one for Courtney's 21st next year. I'm off to check out your link though.