Monday, January 01, 2007


Wow! 2007!!! How the hell did that happen anyway???? I was just saying last night that I have never really gotten over the 80s....I was so sad to see the end of them ....Sue woz here AT9.....never been another decade that I could phonetically vandalise like that one....*sigh*.
Which brings me to another observation - if the 80s were the eighties, and the 90s the nineties, are we now in the "naughties" (I suppose I should spell it noughties)...and if we are, then what on earth will we call the next decade???? I reckon we should start thinking about it's only 3 years away.....

Anyway, enough of my silly dribbling, just wanted to wish you all a wonderful New Year, one that I hope you will fill with fun and laughter, and a touch of romance.

Have you noticed that things have moved around a little here??? Got my good mate RACH L fixin'up my mess for me, like she always does! We (I say we, but really I mean RACH) is having a little trouble getting my banner back up the top where it belongs, but hopefully by the time you read this it will all be fixed.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot to mention, that I am in serious trouble now - the shed has a window!!!! So I will probably never see him again! He tells me that he is spending the whole day out there to help me get back into my normal routine, and that I should consider it a bonus that I get to see him for lunch!!! LOL yeah right!!!!

Tomorrow we are planning to take the kidoodles to the movies...I think I get to see Charlotte's web with the a tad worried about the ugly real looking spider that involves! Wish me luck!!!

Keep smiling,
Sue xx


raylene said...

omg i have been thinking about what we will call the next decade already and i've got no help from the 20th century at ALL.
looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Glad to see you blogging again sue. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I know, I know, we could call them the teenies ROFL