Monday, January 08, 2007

The Kitchen, A Lamp and the Crown of Nastyladyness

It's Monday morning and another week of everyone on holidays. Yogi is sitting at the table with me drawing a pic of our kitchen to scale, in preparation to hit a kitchen factory. Our kitchen here is fairly new I think, and in good condition (if not the colour I would have chosen), but simply put, it's just too small for us. We have no pantry at all, and no dishwasher (now for the record I have NEVER had a dishwasher, but I was determined to have one in our new home....also a scrapping room, but that didn't happen either.....), so armed with drawings and photos we are going to see a kitchen manufactorer to see if we can extend what we have here....and squeeze in a dishwasher...but are also considering the somewhat frivolous idea of simply replacing the lot.

Also on today's agenda is the purchase of a lamp. The lighting in our kitchen is TERRIBLE of a night time, no good at all for scrapping as a temporary measure, we have decided that a lamp is in order.

Tomorrow Yogi and Nic will have to get up early (?!!!!) and drive to the airport - they are picking up Nic's mate Chris, who is coming to stay with us for a while! We were very excited to hear that he had managed to get a cheap flight and come over. The boys even cleaned their room up voluntarily this morning! Woohoo!!!

My biggest fear about moving back into suburbia was that the neighbours would soon realise just how bad a mother I am, that they would hear me yelling at my kids, and think "man, that woman is NASTY!" Well, I am pleased to announce that this hasn't been a problem...the Crown of Nastyladyness goes to the woman over my back fence...compared to her, I am positively mild mannered...her poor little boy though.

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Jen Hone said...

Woohoo I think its gonna let me post this time!
How did the Kitchen hunting go?
We went to a Kitchen place today too - oh soooooooooooo many choices lol
Its gonna be fun!! Good luck with yours!
PS What a pain re Dodo!
Jen H