Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's after Midnight, and I am still awake. Had some friends over to scrap tonight...doesn't sound all that special, but it was - the first time I have had friends over to my new house...and it was lovely. Relaxing.

Today Yogi and I realised a dream we have had for a very long time (I think at least 5 years), and bought ourselves some swisho 500 thread count sheets for our bed. We have been wanting to do this ever since we stayed at a friend's place in their spare bed ages ago...the sheets were sooo comfy. I can report from the comfort of the bed that they are every bit as nice as we had hoped.

Also today, we finally got the kombi repaired. It has been making a rather scary clunky noise since just after we arrived here, but those who know me will understand that I was reluctant to take it to just anyone to fix it. My kombi guru, Max was almost as much in love with Fritz as I am, so to trust someone else with my baby was very hard. I had even had Fritz serviced ahead of schedule before we left so that I wouldn't have to deal with it for a while. Fortunately the clunk wasn't very expensive to repair...sadly the part we needed they don't make anymore, so rather than a new part, it had to be welded back together again. The joys of an older car. Still it's great to go driving with confidence again, rather than cringing every time it clunked.

Yesterday we took the kids (our four and our visitor) into the city via the bus! It was great fun - a different experience for us. We had planned to go on the Haighs chocolate factory tour, but they were booked we went to the info centre in Rundle Mall and asked what we could do that would be interesting for a couple of young teenage boys. We ended up at a golf driving the middle of the city....on the top of a building!!! It was great fun. Then a wander round the city, lunch at Maccas (well for the kids anyway), and a turn on the paddle boats (not for me, but for those who wanted to!).

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ here - Nic and Chris are cooking it. Mum and Dad are coming along with Bob and Sue (Dad's long time best mate and his wife), and Steve and Katie (and baby Emma) it will end up being quite a house full. I hope all goes well.

We are going to pick colours for our new kitchen tomorrow morning too, having chosen a cabinet maker to do the job. It should be great - has provisions for a dishwasher, and a pantry and a huge benchtop 1300mm wide. Lots more cupboards too, and we will be reusing most of the cabinets in the existing kitchen. Am almost excited about it, but trying hard not to think about the messy bits of renovating. Ugh.

Anyway am off to sleep now in my oh so comfy bed,
Keep smiling,

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