Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How low can you go? I am a BAD MOTHER.

Well it's the second day back at school, and yeah baby! I am loving it. Dishes done. Loungeroom tidy....I have even baked (although since the pink mixer came to live at my house, that's been happening much more often). I am thoroughly enjoying my own company at the moment. Me and the stereo...that's pretty much all I seem to need. Which is good, as I really don't know anyone here yet. LOL.

Today I am picking up one of Bonnie's little friends from school, as her Mum can't be there in time for the bell. So Alicia is coming to play, which is fantastic for Bonnie, but it meant I had to break one of my own rules and do some tidying up in the girls bedroom. I have always made them do it on their own (OK so sometimes I have HELPED them, but you know what I mean), so it was an odd feeling to be doing it. I stumbled across my 11yo daughter's diary while I was there.You all know what's coming here, I was faced with that big moral dilemna...privacy, or a way to find out how she is really coping with the big move, and of course I shouldn't have, but I read it. (in my defense, she has recently told her Dad that she is worried that she is fat and bigger than all the girls at school - in her words, she feels like a freak!!!! Now she is a tall girl, but is also beautiful, and SLIM....).So now that I have breached her trust, I am going to compound it by writing on my blog about it...I am truly a BADMOTHER! I found out a few interesting things. 1. She has a crush on a boy (OMG!!!!!). 2. She wasn't too happy with her friends before we moved, and hasn't missed them as much as she thought she would. 3. She SWEARS like a trooper.
I can handle the first two, but that last one has me upset. Those of you who know me well, will be laughing, as I have to admit that on occasions I do have a potty mouth myself, but I have always tried not to swear in front of my kids. It horrifies me to think that she is using this language. I hope that it is only in the diary and not with her friends. She is only 11 (or as she puts it - almost 12!!!!!). Of course I can't SAY anything about it.....but maybe will include her next time I remind my teenage son about the appropriateness of swearing (he has, after several such chats, promised that if he MUST swear he will NOT do it around little kids or loudly enough in public places to make others feel uncomfortable.).

I have organised (or started to) sport activities for the kids. Nic is going to taekwondo for the first time tonight. I hope he enjoys it, he leads a fairly inactive life, not being a sporty kind of a kid. Kirsty is going to play netball, just waiting on some last minute details to finalise her team, and I am waiting on a call back about Eriq's basketball game. Bonnie has her first netball game on Thursday!! I will be there with my camera.


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Anonymous said...


Bless me Friend for I have sinned (too) It has been so many years since my last confession....

I read Courtney's diary too AND, if I can, I still read her MSN convos. I know it's an invasion of privacy but I have learned so much about her fears and strengths and the very different world she lives in compared to what I thought that I don't regret it.

Oh, and I KNOW how hard it is to broach subjects when you know what has happened but you have to make it all sound so casually innocent.

I counteracted the same swearing thing by bringing up a conversation generally one day about how intelligent people don't have to swear because they have such a good command of the English language they can be creative. Only people lacking these skills feel the need to resort to common vulgarity. It actually worked quite well LOL