Thursday, January 18, 2007

How do you lose an airport?

OK. So I lived for 7 years in Hampton Park, Vic, and then 6.5 years in Caldermeade. And I thought I didn't know my way 'round Melbourne at all. Guess what? I did. A bit. This morning I had to take Nic's mate, Chris back to the Adelaide airport, as he was flying home to Koo Wee Rup via Melbourne airport. Now, even though the airport was further away from Caldermeade, I could have got you there. No problems. According to Whereis, the Adelaide airport is 26mins from my house. Unfortunately it takes longer if you go the scenic route. Still, we made the plane. Apparently I took a right turn instead of a left early in the piece....(I think I turned the map book the wrong way when I was sitting on the couch trying to figure it out!). Anyhow. Plane took off, with teenage boy safely inside PHEW. So then we went to IKEA....why not - it's right next to the airport. It was FUN. Gotta love IKEA. On the downside, the kids club tag doovy doesn't work there. Apparently the Adelaide and Perth IKEAS are "franchised together" but not MELBOURNE or SYDNEY.....wierd, huh? Anyhooo we got the kids a wall pocket each - way cool thingys that hang on the wall (duh) or pretty much anywhere actually....they come in lime green and a bright aqua blue, so we got two of each. And I got some tealights. I needed two. I bought 100. That was the smallest bag they came in...still they should last me a while. The kids were excited about their $1.50 free refill soft drinks (doesn't take much to get my kids excited, huh?), and Nic decided to make sure I got my $$ worth! (I think he is still sloshing!).
It's supposed to rain this afternoon....between 20 and 40mm they reckon. Bring it on, I say!
Keep smiling,


raylene said...

Adelaide has an airport?! Who knew

As opposed to rosedale which has, like...... fifteen airports and at least 75 buses, and one of those hovercraft things from the jetsons.

Rainy Nights said...

who was navigating? surely it is the navigators fault!